This LG washing machine is fast, efficient and allows to download new washing programs from the smartphone

The fair IFA has always been the priority gathering of brands to showcase new developments in the field of advanced appliances . In no other technological fair are there such a presence of washing machines, vacuum cleaners, ovens or refrigerators. But beware, they are not any teams.

LG , for example, will be showcasing its new models of washing machines in Berlin, mainly focused on savings (the programs are now complete in less time and more than the most energy-saving specifications such as A +++), but, of course, with a touch of Connectivity where the smartphone is gaining ground.

To the different programs of the new models of washing machines of LG, that include some only with steam to eliminate odors or allergens, will be able to be added in the future others that we need or the company make available of its models. Yes, almost a full- featured operating system updatebut at the appliance level.

The most advanced models to be presented in Berlin include WiFi and NFC connectivity , so that a single touch with the smartphone will serve to include new washing programs that did not come standard and that we can then activate on the LCD of the washing machines, or Even collect data from the operation of the appliance to send a report to the service and save a first visit to solve a problem.

More about the machine:

Revolutionary Eco-Hybrid Technology and Smart Design 
LG’s Eco-Hybrid washer-dryers feature both Air drying and Normal drying modes, whereas most washing machines only offer one or the other. Each of these convenient and efficient options delivers A-grade energy savings. Compared with LG conventional drying modes, LG’s powerful Air drying setting can save users nearly 7,000 liters of water per year.3 And at 24-inch standard size, LG’s Eco-Hybrid washer-dryer boasts the world’s first 12kg washing capacity and 8kg drying capacity, effectively reducing a household’s washing frequency by approximately 91 loads per year.4
LG’s Eco-Hybrid dryer features an Eco mode and a Speed mode, letting homeowners choose between optimal energy and time savings. Using sophisticated heat pump technology, Eco mode achieves up to A+++-10 percent energy efficiency while Speed mode provides up to A++ energy efficiency and takes 30 percent less time 5 to complete a cycle, leaving more time to take care of the important things in life. An ideal solution for drying delicate items, LG’s Eco-Hybrid dryers can dry clothes even at low temperatures, reducing fabric damage and shrinkage.
Visitors to IFA are encouraged to see LG’s impressive new washing machines up close in Hall 11.2 of Messe Berlin from September 5–10.
Key Specifications:
Front-Load Washing Machine (Series S)
■ TurboWash™ by 6 Motion Direct Drive
 Energy Efficiency (A+++-55%)
 Inverter Direct Drive Motor (10-Year Warranty)
■ TrueSteam™
■ Steam Softener
■ Steam Refresh
 Allergy Care
■ Speed 14” Quick Cycle
 WiFi Control
 Smart Diagnosis
■ Color LCD Display
 Full Touch Control Panel
 Hidden Handle Door
 Large Chrome Door w/ Black Window

More information: LG 

Ian Hoffman