The Advantages of Smart Home Appliances

At XTOWNRC we review some of the advantages of smart home appliances: efficiency, safety, accessibility …

The Advantages of Smart Home Appliances

More than once we have spoken here about how the innovation that is given in appliances is not usually news, and sometimes even despised. We tend to think that adding smart features to appliances that have been around for years is not relevant, that a washing machine will always be a washing machine and a refrigerator will always be a refrigerator. And partly true, once the process of improvement can be artificial, as in those smartphones for many years loaded with useless functions. But the advantages of smart appliances are very varied and worth explaining.


Smart Washing Machine

Efficiency is one of the great advantages of smart home appliances. If a few years ago, in the normal household appliances, a process that led to the renovation under the pretext of consumption, the intelligent white range power all that. Some home appliances monitor the power they consume and are able to display data on the smartphone , as well as notify that the door of an appliance has been left open, or that it is turned on and is not standby as it should.

In the same way, others are able to inform about the hours to which it is better to use them, depending on the electric time slots in which we are. In case of a higher price hour, they can be put into energy saving mode. Everything together also saves water or natural gas, which together with energy consumption, is favored to the environment .

Remote monitoring


Another great advantage over the normal range is the ability to control our appliances remotely , from the computer and mostly from the smartphone. For example, it is the situation that we left the house and forgot to turn on the dishwasher or the washing machine when the clothes were already loaded. With them we open the application and turn on from any point with internet. As simple as that. When they are finished, they notify us, and so do not forget that you have to lay the laundry or place the dishes of the dishwasher.


The smart white range can detect water leaks or damage or obstructions in internal conduits , so safety improvement is important. It is not uncommon inside that it is not the most common case that we leave home with an appliance going and when returning the kitchen or laundry is flooded because a pipe has broken. One of the advantages of smart appliances is that when it is detected, it stops and notifies. So we can know if there is a serious problem at home.


Dishwasher samsung

A connected house allows for voice control and interaction with sounds with blind people who need another type of guide besides the physical (buttons, wheels, etc.). The smart white range allows to be activated by voice in some cases, favoring the cases where the accessibility contributes a lot.

Smartphone Features

With certain appliances such as refrigerators, it is possible to access applications such as Google Calendar , useful to replace the classic handwritten timetable where we see what each member of the family, or the web browser, is doing for some sporadic consultation. They also function as an inventory monitor and as a digital photo frame for family photos.

Ian Hoffman