Microsoft wants to be in your smart home, and presents its first thermostat with Cortana

With big companies like Amazon, Apple and Google competing and positioning themselves in the smart home market with different products, Microsoft has now decided that it also wants to be present on the Internet of Things . He has joined Johnson Controls, who will manufacture this attractive thermostat that they have simply called GLASS.

As we have seen in the video with which they have presented the device, GLASS will be finished with a translucent touch screen. It will show a well-maintained interface , and with very visual menus from which to set the temperature to which we want the room, look at energy consumption, air quality or check the information on our calendar.

This thermostat will use the Windows 10 IoT Core operating system, and will support voice services from the Microsoft Virtual Assistant. In fact, it is the first thermostat to bet on Cortana after Microsoft announced its plansto bring its assistant to different domestic appliances.

Microsoft also emphasizes that GLASS will detect when you are in the room or not , and that it will constantly monitor the quality of air in and out of the house. All this will be possible thanks to sensors designed to save as much energy as possible.

Microsoft to for Smart Home

Thermostat With Cortana

With this move Microsoft begins to take its first steps in the smart home with a product quite similar to Google’s Nest thermostat . The big difference is that GLASS will bet on the Cortana wizard, so it will serve to take a first look at how the Microsoft assistant is mature for this type of devices.

What is not clear is whether the product will be sold to consumers. In the video we can see how it is aimed at businesses and businesses , and in fact is designed to integrate with services in the cloud of Azure. Therefore we will have to wait to see if we can finally have it or not in our homes.

Ian Hoffman