Bruvelo wants to be the coffee maker connected to our smartphone

Connected or intelligent devices are at their peak, thanks to the idea of ​​having everything controlled through our smartphone is very attractive, this is how we have already seen a lot of devices that offer connectivity to be operated from a distance .

It is now the turn of knowing the coffeemaker with WiFi that is possible to connect to our smartphone, where we can prepare coffee in our way through recipes so that we always enjoy the same taste without having to spend hours in preparation.

The art of coffee becomes intelligent

All of us who love coffee know that their preparation requires certain knowledge but above all time, time that is often not, since there are factors such as temperature, amount of grain as well as filtration that if not done with care , We run the risk of damaging all the final taste regardless of whether it is the best coffee in the world.

Thinking about all this is how a campaign appears in Kickstarter that seeks to finance the creation of Bruvelo, an intelligent coffee machine that works through recipes in our smartphone, where we can adjust all the parameters necessary to facilitate the preparation process depending on the coffee we have , Or our tastes.

Bruvelo 01

In addition, the coffee maker has everything necessary for the correct preparation of our coffee, so we will not require additional components , since it incorporates a ceramic mill made of ceramics, a scale to obtain the exact measure of coffee, a filter and kettle Of water to make it as pure as possible and does not affect the taste.

The price of the Bruvelo once it finishes its campaign of financing will be of 350 dollars, but if they want to acquire it now during the campaign and of step support to its manufacture, the price will be of 300 dollars plus shipping costs , with scheduled deliveries for the Month of June 2015.

Via The Coffee Mag

Ian Hoffman