Apps even in the cafe: that’s what the Nespresso Prodigio offers us, its first connected coffee maker

If you are a fan of coffee but you may be lazy to go to the kitchen to prepare one and then wait for the process to end, you may be interested in the Nespresso Prodigy . The new model of coffee maker of this manufacturer goes a step further and allows one to be able to prepare the coffee directly through a mobile application.

This app available for Android and iOS offers that ability but also also tells us the status of the water tank, whether it needs cleaning or whether we will have to put more capsules thanks to the notifications . If that happens, logically, we can order more capsules directly from that mobile application.

Program when you want your coffee

This “remote” preparation of coffee can be an alternative of interest for coffee aficionados because we can send the order to start the preparation of coffee as soon as we get up or program it to occur in the desired time .

The only thing we will have to do after picking up the prepared paper – for now the coffee maker does not take them where you are, but everything will walk – will be remember to put a new capsule in the tank to leave the coffee machine ready for the next service.

The Nespresso Prodigio serves Ristretto, Espresso and Lungo, and also has an optional system (with a cost of $ 50) to generate milk froth if we need it. Its price is 249 dollars .

More information | Via: Nespresso

Ian Hoffman