XTOWNRC, registered office in New York oversee day to day operations. Our company have come long way with unwavering focus on quality and commitment to meet our customers high standards, and this helps strong our bonding with our customers.

Customers satisfaction is our primary and unique goal, Our Customers are our partners their vision is our Mission.

Our Team focus on reviewing the very best home appliances products available on the net. Our strength is our team of competent, committed professionals and motivated workforce. Every individual at XTOWNRC is driven by an undying zest to continuously grow in all aspects in order to make the organization the best in the home appliance industry.

James Dyson

“Like everyone else, we are frustrated by products that do not work as they should. We, as engineers, do something about it.Our reason for being is innovation and improvement. “

A new idea design

A new idea

In 1978 James Xtown was frustrated by the performance drop of his vacuum cleaner. When he dismounted, he discovered that the bag had become clogged with dust and that was the reason he lost suction. Days ago he had been in a factory with an industrial cyclone that separated the particles from the air using centrifugal forces and wondered if that same principle would work in a vacuum cleaner.

He set to work. After five years and 5,127 prototypes, he had invented the world’s first bagless vacuum cleaner.


Today, XTOWNRC machines are present in more than 65 countries around the world. We began with a man with an idea and has become a technology company with more than 1,000 engineers worldwide. But it does not end there; The heart of our company is formed by a team of engineers and scientists in continuous growth.